Outdoor digital systems

Digital electronics has extended the horizon of signage into many exciting new territories. YESCO, a leader in the manufacture and supply of electronic displays, maintains a cutting-edge position in the field. YESCO are involved in all aspects of the implementation of outdoor digital signage, represented in design, manufacture, assembly, sales, installation, content creation and servicing.


The attention grabbing effect of electronic displays has been part of YESCO’s business since the early days, never more so than now with YESCO’s Prism LED signs. Our Media Services group can create content that will optimise your Prism display’s potential, while our sales team can help maximize the impact of your advertising budget. Additionally our service department will endeavor to keep your displays working and looking as good as the first day they were installed. All of our signs are produced with the care and attention required to maintain the high production quality that our customers have come to expect from the YESCO brand. Our range not only includes production standard models, another bonus of working with YESCO is our design team; we can make your unique visions a reality.