Remote monitoring and software

Remote monitoring

MonitoringYESCO screens are monitored 24/7 via the onboard diagnostics system that is in constant communication via 3G internet connection. All YESCO displays are monitored continually by YESCO technicians, in their purpose built facility.

Diagnostic software

- The Diagnostics system is written and maintained by full-time YESCO software engineers.

- The system alerts problems directly, or can optionally send emails to specified personnel.

- This enables the technician to determine the nature of the problem, and ascertain whether a service engineer is required on site.

Prism View (remote upload) software

Every YESCO display contains a remote computer with memory that holds messages, video clips and schedules. Whether you have one display or hundreds, you can control all of them from a single computer. YESCO Prism View® software allows you to create messages, import images and animations from other programs, and schedule these messages for specific play times.